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The photographer

Where I live and work

I am based in the gorgeous Margaret River region of Western Australia. This is a region known for its towering forests and majestic rolling vineyards, fringed by a beautiful and wild coastline – a constant source of inspiration. I work locally, but as I love to travel, I often take on projects around Western Australia and a few overseas each year.

What can I do for you?

I am a visual storyteller and would love to collaborate with you to create the very best images for your event, location or project. I often incorporate the landscape and surrounds to my sports, portraits and commercial photography. I’m passionate about what I do, have great attention to detail and I am enthusiastic about every new photography project and assignment I undertake.

My journey so far...

I discovered photography as a young teenager in Brazil. I found it fascinating to look through the lens into an intricate world, and to try and extract that fleeting magical moment that enables one single image to reveal a complex story.

For the past three decades, I have continuously pursued and refined my craft. I have travelled extensively exploring different cultures and photographing wildlife, landscape and portraits. Each different genre has added to the depth and range of my skills and helped turn me into a better visual storyteller. It was in one of those bouts of exploration that I discovered the beautiful Southwest of Western Australia, which I am now lucky to call home.

Lately I have developed a special love of sports and aerial photography, as well as documenting events and showcasing some of the amazing wineries in the area I live.

I would love to chat with you about your ideas, event or project and to create images that will help bring your vision to life, so…  get in touch!

The equipment

I  photograph with Canon full frame cameras and a range of Canon lenses – 70-200mm f2.8, 16-35mm f 2.8, 28-70mm f 2.8, 100mm f2.8 Macro, 85mm f1.2mm.

Aerial photography and video are captured with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, and I hold a remote pilot licence (RePL) issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Do you have any questions or a project in mind?

What clients have to say

“Thanks so much, Daniela! These photos are just magnificent. I’m feeling emotional looking through them!!”
“I’ve just looked at your amazing images. I can’t tell you how lovely they are and, in a strange way, how proud it makes me feel. You’ve captured the joy, difficulty and exhilaration of the day so well. Thank you. ”
"The pictures are amazing. We are very happy with every shot!”
“Such a powerful capturing of the day." "Those underwater photos are amazing... such a cool capturing of the fusion of swim & run.”
"Thank you so much, the photos are absolutely gorgeous. Love love love them!"
"Thank you Daniela for your outstanding photography. It’s an art form and you have wowed all of us with your recording of our memorable event."
“Daniela is the queen of event photography! Fabulous shots!"
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Daniela. It’s perfect 😊.”
“Thanks for all the work, it is really outstanding.”
"Thanks so much Daniela! Your shots are gorgeous 🙂 !”
“I absolutely love the images. Thanks so much, Daniela, we couldn't be happier with your work. ”
“Fantastic photos from Daniela. We were so lucky to have her capturing our event. She was in the action all the time over 2 days. She grabbed the stories and the landscape. I highly recommend her services!”
Toby Hodgson
Event Director, The Beverley Heroic
"Daniela did an incredible job capturing this event. Totally seamless. No one ever knew really where she was. Quietly and masterfully creating and capturing moments of what was a truly special few days."

“Photography remembers little things long after you’ve forgotten everything.”
– Aaron Siskind –