Svalbard Cruise & Kayak Expedition

‘An icy wonderland at the end of the Earth!’

Here are some of the highlights of an incredible 10-day expedition, cruising on zodiacs, kayaking, trekking and exploring the amazing scenery and wildlife of one of the last untouched wilderness wonders on our planet – Svalbard, in the Arctic region.

We explored this part of the planet with Southern Sea Ventures, a company that specializes  kayaking expeditions in iconic and remote places around the world, and we were accompanied by a group of highly experienced guides and experts on board the MV Polar Pioneer.

Watch the video below and you’ll be taken on a beautiful journey paddling under bright blue skies, around drifting pack ice, flying over glaciers, trekking on the Arctic tundra and walking on ice floes. A truly unforgettable journey!

Enjoy it!


Svalbard Expedition Fine Art Photography

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